Setting up Adobe Sign 


  • You will receive an email from Adobe Sign prompting you to set your password and login to Adobe Sign

  • Click on the “Click Here” hyperlink and follow the steps to set your password and login to Adobe Sign.
  • After you have set your password click here to access the login page.


Using Adobe Sign 


  • After filling out the Finance Request Form in Excel, login to your adobe sign account.
    1. Access the new Finance Request Form (001. Administration – 04. Finance – Financial – Financial – Finance Forms – Finance Request Form). Fill out the form and rename it with a name that best describes it. (ex: Mileage Reimbursement, Family Reimbursement, Credit Card Reimbursement)
  • After logging in you should see this page:

  • Click on “Request Signatures”
  • You will then see the following page:

  • Enter the email address of the person who needs to sign the document in the field labeled “Enter recipient email” (this would typically be your supervisor’s email address).


  1. Add as a recipient. Then click the drop down arrow directly to the left of the email address and select “Approver”.
  2. Make sure your supervisor are marked as “Signer” and is marked as an “Approver”.
  • Drag and drop your completed Finance Request Form into the box entitled “Drag & Drop Files Here”.

  1. Agreement name will auto fill with the name of the excel file that you upload.
  2. If needed, you can also add scans of accompanying receipts to the Finance Request Form by dragging and dropping to the same box as the original request form. An example would be a meal or gas reimbursement.
  • Click on the box directly to the left of “Preview & Add Signature Fields” and click “Next”. You will then see your 
  • Finance Request Form. 
  • Under the “Signature Fields” drop down on the right side of the form, select “Signature” and drag and drop that box on the line to the right of “Approval #1 (Supervisor):”. If you need additional signatures, do the same steps for the second approval line.
  • Click on “Signer Info Fields” and click and drag the “Date” field next to the “Date Approved” line on the request form. Your request form should look like the following:

  • Click “Send”.
  • You should see the following page and you should receive an email confirmation that your request was sent:

  1. If you are not directed to this page or do not get an email confirmation your request was not sent.
  2. You will receive email updates as your request form is signed and approved by the appropriate parties.