Here are the steps:


1.    Select “”Settings” by clicking on Windows Icon (lower left) or search for “Settings” in Cortana window.

2.    Select “Devices”

3.    Select “Printers & Scanners” from left side menu

4.    Select “iR-ADV C5550 (Cubeworld) and then “Manage”



5.    Select “ Printer Properties” from Menu



6.    Printer properties will “pop-up” then choose “Device Settings” tab



7.    Under “Finish Settings” check the box “Punch(3) and select “2/3 Holes”



8.    Choose “Apply” and then choose “OK”

9.    Open a document you wish to print

10.  Choose “File” then “Print” from the dropdown menu

11.  Choose the Cubeworld Printer and select “Printer Properties” then choose “Finishing” tab



12. Scroll down to “Hole Punch” and choose 2 holes or 3 holes (depends on landscape (2) or portrait (3) printing)


13. Choose OK and then Print.