1.  Go to the App Store and search for SonicWALL
  2. Download the SonicWALL Mobile Connect app and open it up
  3. There will be a pop-up that asks if you want to enable SonicWALL Mobile Connect VPN functionality? Say Enable
  4. Click on Add connection
  5. Name: Lifeline
  6. Server: vpn.lifelinechild.org
  7. If a message asks if you want to change the server to vpn.lifelinechild.org:4433 say yes
  8. Username is first initial.last (ex: jwalters)
  9. Pass: What you would use to log on to your computer
  10. Save the connection
  11. If you are on the Lifeline wireless network when you add the connection you will get an error, but save anyway. You must be outside of Lifeline for VPN to work
  12. When you need to connect to VPN, just open the app and enable the connection that you created. Make sure to disconnect when you are finished.
  13. Before leaving for a trip it's best to try this from home. Email help@lifelinechild.org if you are having issues with VPN

Download File Explorer At https://appsto.re/us/CSKAE.i

Make sure settings look like those below using your own credentials.