*IF you are outside of the Birmingham office you must be connected to VPN for this to work.

See those instructions here.

If you are on a MAC computer and need to access one of our drives here at Lifeline then you can:

Open Finder and hit command+K. You will see this window and will need to enter in smb:// and then click the + sign to add the RRFILE connection (Z: drive). After you hit the + sign, highlight smb:// and click on connect.

The connection options are as follows:

  • SMB:// (this connection is for RRFILE or the Z: drive and your user drive)
  • SMB:// (this connection is for the L drive)

When you connect to RRFILE you will get two options. Select Shares and say OK.

Once connected it will look like this. Please note if you are in an office outside of Birmingham it might take up to 30 seconds or longer for this to initially show up. I tested on my Mac from home and this was true. After I started browsing around though the speed picked up.

In order to keep the shortcut to the drive after you disconnect from VPN this is what you should do:

  • Right click the mapped drive on the desktop.
  • Click Make Alias.
  • Name this "Z Drive Shortcut" or something similar.
It is possible that the mounted drive will not appear on the desktop due to a system setting. If you want the mapped drive icon to be visible on the desktop, take the following additional steps:
  1. From the Finder, open Finder Preferences by hitting Command+, (hold down Command and press the comma key)
  2. Click the General tab
  3. Select the checkbox next to Connected Servers
  4. Close Finder Preferences
Selecting the checkbox next to Connected Servers ensures that you will see the icon on your Mac desktop. Otherwise, it will only be visible in the Finder window sidebars and Open/Save dialogues