Before you can map the drives, you must first be connected to the lifeline VPN. Those instructions can be found here.

There are 3 drives on the server that Lifeline uses on a regular basis, and this is how you map them:

Click on the start menu

Click on File Explorer (Or the Folder icon on taskbar)

At the top click on Map network drive (If this is not there look for the drop down ⌄ arrow in the top right window)

On the Drive drop-down box, select one of the letter's listed here (Z:, L:, U:) - you have to map these one at a time

In the folder box you will enter the information for whichever drive you want to map, listed below

Z: is \\RRFILE\shares (or by IP address \\\shares)

L: is \\LSFILE\shares (or by IP address \\\shares) ---- This is for Foster Care and Development only

(type \\RRFILE\users\username replacing username with your first initial and last name)

As an example, if you want to map the Z: drive this is what it looks like:

Check the box that says “Connect using different credentials”. 

When prompted, enter your credentials, using the username you've been assigned and password.

This is the same username and password you use to log onto your WORK computer or VPN.

Hit the finish button and you have mapped a drive!

You will be able to find it in your Folders under This PC. Then, you can right click and add them to Quick Access.